Alma Mediterranea by Marcia Barrington

About Alma Mediterranea

Marcia Barrington is an experienced food creative, chef and recipe writer drawing culinary inspiration from Spain, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle-East.


About ME

I began selling my food in Hampstead, long before pop-ups were even a ‘thing’ and social media a glint in the eye. I cooked like crazy from my little flat in Belsize Park while studying Post Graduate Spanish. Then one day, while in a lecture - I caught myself scribbling down a new recipe and realised I had to get out of the library and into the kitchen. So off I went to Thailand to ‘find myself’ but stumbled on the madness of Bangkok, the night-time food stalls and floating markets full of colour and exotic looking fruit and vegetables and decided quite quickly that food would be become my career.

After almost two decades of working in food I’m lucky to be doing what I enjoy: teaching cookery classes, writing food led pieces and planning all sorts of new and exciting projects. I live and cook between my homes in London and Spain, speak Spanish with my neighbours, cook paella outside on orange wood and cure my own manzanilla olives and get to write about it. I feel at home in Spain, always have - yet my culinary inspiration is drawn from right around the Mediterranean. My cooking style is to gather fresh, seasonal ingredients and make dishes in a new and refreshing light.

So please don’t expect to see a recipe for patatas bravas. Instead think home grown almond ajo blanco with piel de sapo melon. Locally caught fish with colourful, seasonal salsas or chargrilled pulpo w fresh lemons from the tree. Pan con tomate? How about grilled pan de coca w crunchy pata negra tomatoes & local sheep’s cheese instead?

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