Alma Mediterranea by Marcia Barrington

Food Tours in Valencia

Join Marcia Barrington of Alma Mediterranea on a curated food tour of the renowned Central Market in Valencia. The finest fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, seafood, cured meats, rice, olive oil and wines.


Experience the real food of valencia


Valencia Food Tour

Any food lover will tell you how local markets are a veritable feast for the eyes and the renowned Central Market in Valencia does not disappoint. Join me for a curated tour of the market where you will be dazzled by impressive displays of fresh, seasonal fruit and Mediterranean vegetables. Tray after tray of sparkling locally caught fish and seafood, hand-made local cheeses, cured meats, local nuts, chocolates, all sorts of turrón and of course, not to forget the famed rice from Albufera and punchy Spanish olive oils. There will be lots of time to stop, chat and buy from stall holders as well as enjoy tastings to include local sheeps’ cheese, jamón and Valencia wines. This is a superb way to understand what seasonality really means as well as being a more sustainable, authentic way to support family run food businesses. You can even practice your Spanish language skills if you like? So a win win all round.

If you would like to meet me in Spain for a personalised tour, please get in touch.