Alma Mediterranea by Marcia Barrington
by Marcia Barrington

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Orange and almond cake with dark chocolate glaze

Orange and almond cake w dark chocolate glaze

Orange & Almond Cake w Chocolate Glaze

A smashing (literally, getting those nuts out of their shells) cake where I used up the last of my Spanish almonds. It’s super easy to make and it will keep happily for about a week. Dangerous really, as I always keep going back for more so maybe only 3 days?



1x8inch non stick loose bottom cake tin, brushed with olive oil and then dusted w a little golden caster sugar

2 small to medium oranges

175g of golden caster sugar

4 large eggs

175g ground almonds

1tsp baking powder



Put the oranges into a saucepan. Cover with water and bring to boil. Simmer until the oranges are very soft. (Approx90mins)

Remove and roughly chop oranges into chunks removing any pips.

Pop in a food processor and whizz to breakdown to a purée.


Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and sugar to pale and creamy in colour. You want the air and volume here. Next, add the orange purée, almonds and baking powder. Fold gently with a spatula or large metal spoon.


Transfer mixture to the cake tin and bake at 180c/350f for about 50mins or until a skewer popped into the cake comes out clean.

Remove from oven when ready then allow to cool.


For the glaze, in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water melt 125g 70% dark chocolate w 60g unsalted butter and 1Tablespoon maple syrup.

Mix together gently then allow to cool slightly.

Pour the glaze over the cooled cake and allow it to set.

Scatter over some the extra slivered almonds to decorate (optional)