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by Marcia Barrington

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Tortilla with summer chard

Tortilla with summer chard

Tortilla with summer chard. 

Tortilla is a Spanish staple that takes no introduction. Simple to make and enjoyable to eat it’s especially good in warmer months when picnic lunches and summertime recipes are needed. So, a good recipe to have up your sleeve. Traditionally, there is the ongoing ‘onion’ debate in Spain. Should a tortilla have onion in it or just eggs and potatoes? Well, I have completely twisted the original and have used summer chard and onion to give a bit more flavour. The potatoes in England don’t seem to be as sweet as the Spanish variety used for tortilla making and I prefer to make mine with other ingredients to compensate for the lack of Spanish-ness in the tubers. 

Enough for 8

2 large potatoes peeled and sliced 

1 onion, finely chopped

½ bunch of chard, washed and chopped (you could also use spinach)

8 large eggs, beaten 

Olive oil


 1 x Medium size frying pan 28cm

Heat the olive oi in the pan and add the sliced potatoes.

Cook the potatoes on low to medium heat as you want them to be soft without too much colour. When they are cooked and starting to break up, pour everything out of the frying pan and into a bowl. You will come back to them in a moment. 

There should be enough residual olive oil in the pan to sauté the onions (if not add another tablespoon or two) and throw in a good pinch of salt. When the onions are soft (do the ‘squidge a piece of onion test’ between your finger and thumb) add the chopped chard to the frying pan and sauté until it begins to wilt mixing in with the onions as you go. 

To the onion and chard, add the cooked potatoes followed by the eight lightly beaten eggs. Add another good pinch of salt and cook the tortilla gently until the sides are set. Let this happen slowly, you don’t want a burnt bottom. Once the sides are set you can either be brave and slide the tortilla out onto a plate, top with another dinner plate, flip over and slide gently back into the pan. Or, if you don’t feel confident to do that, finish the cooking in a warm oven at 160c. It shouldn’t take more than about fifteen minutes from that point. 

Tortilla is delicious served warm or equally pleasing if having cold as part of a picnic lunch.